US Casinos and the Economic Meltdown

Atlantic City has often been described as the Las Vegas of the East Coast. This is the second most popular destination for casino casino fans in America. They come here to enjoy the feet and side games and activities on the beach during the day and night playing in glitzy casinos.
But following the economic collapse of the Atlantic City casinos revenue fell 7.6% to approximately $ 4.55 billion in 2008. This has the owner of Atlantic City Casino action to reduce spending, asked to take care of the income situation of accepting.

Most casinos have begun to reduce comps and gifts offering its casino players on average. Total compositions offered by casinos fell almost 5% to 1.55 million last year.
Casinos are strictly cash expenses and cut the low-end customers who rely less on casinos. The economic recession is in this situation will deteriorate further resistance. In January 2009, the data show that promotional spending by 3.2%, largely a decrease of $ 115.4 million, compared with the same period in 2008. The comparison of the financial information for the month of January 2008 and 2009 a number of important sites Casino in Atlantic City USA are:
Bally has increased from 15 million January spending 2008-11300000 this year. Caesars has grown from $ 12.4 million to $ 11.1 million this year comps, and the Showboat Casino $ 9 million to 8 million in comps.
In addition, slot machine halls in neighboring states Pennsylvania and New York has tough competition attracts most casino players from the United States, its arcades.