Robbery is Steering Gamblers to Play at Online Casinos

After a flight casino in Florida, which appeared a few weeks ago to test audiences that people scared and nervous to return to the casino. It is the result of a crime fat Seminole Casino Coconut Creek is committed to South Florida.
January 19, 2010, a disturbed man good people when the boy brandished a gun and demanded money from a casino employee. Frightened customers caught in the middle of your game. The thief Dominic Zibuda not hide the identity of a mask or disguise and fled with thousands of dollars. An anonymous tipster said authorities suspect the situation a few days later. If you try to stop Zibuda, was a confrontation between police and the suspect. During the operation, SWAT fired five hours Zibuda repeated with the authorities, and at the end of his gun pulled him, committed suicide.

The home side has seen or heard what met by the flight of many with serious concerns about their safety. Although there were no injuries, there was the psychological damage that has resulted in a lot of people do not come back since the incident. Casinos in South Florida due to a fall in sales and the anxiety caused by the recent flight. For a greater sense of security that people stay in the safety of their homes and play online casino. Only time will tell, if you play the Seminole Coconut Creek Casino, all clients return, but meanwhile, the online casinos offer a better place for the people of South Florida.